Come join us for The “Ignore No More – Run For Respect” in support of the SAIF Society! This 3K and 10K Trail run is happening September 30, 2018 in Goldbar Park at 8:30am. Our goal is to raise awareness and prompt discussion around mens’ roles in the prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV). Research has shown the importance of engaging men and boys in the efforts to eliminate GBV. We are calling on athletes at all levels, recreational, high school or university to help raise the level of discussion on an issue that tends to be largely ignored in the community. This is an opportunity for good men to show their support and for women to see that good men do exist. We want those that have suffered from GBV on any level to know that they are not alone. That we do care and that there is help. Our objective is to provide a fun, family friendly atmosphere to do this by encouraging our youth sports teams to participate. This will open the opportunity for a discussion with our young men about what respect means. It will prompt discussion around healthy masculinity in a safe and positive environment.

” Sports and recreation are a gathering point for men and boys, and a space where masculine norms are formed and enforced (Minerson et al., 2011). Given the influence of athletes and coaches on men and boys, these norms can be far-reaching in the construction of masculinity. Research and practice literature make connections between sports, violence, sexual assault myths and violence perpetration”
~ Engaging Men and Boys in Domestic Violence Prevention: Opportunities and Promising Approaches


Run Origin

On October 2, 2015 athlete and utlramarathon runner, Mike Cameron lost his girlfriend, Colleen Lois Sillito in a cowardly act of domestic violence. Colleen was the victim of a murder/suicide by an ex-boyfriend Paul Jacob. Mike vowed to not let her story end there on her driveway. Mike has been working in a variety of different areas to help raise awareness and prevent GBV. This run is simply the natural evolution of his passion for running and his desire to make a difference in the community. You can hear part of his story here:




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Ignore No More
Run For Respect

Sun, 29 September 2019

8:30 AM – 11:30 AM MDT

Gold Bar Picnic Site 1

10955 50 St NW, Edmonton

Edmonton, AB T6A 2E9



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